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While being legally responsible for the generation of profits for shareholders and employees, the Board of Directors of WNBI has always had high expectations for the company to take responsibility for the community and the environment. WNBI emphasizes the value of human beings and the improvement of the inequalities in race, gender, age, culture and geography. We also emphasize our contributions to the environment, ethics, philanthropy and the economy. As WNBI is dedicated to helping others and helping ourselves, we invite our business partners, clients, friends and family to join us in our non-profit philanthropic programs at home and abroad. In 2021, together with the international non-profit organization "Business For Better Society" (BBS), we officially introduced international programs to the ecosystem of WNBI. Through these programs, we bridge people who are eager to volunteer to the places where they can develop their best skills. We take global nonprofit organizations seeking support to the next level by introducing like-minded partners to them, and help companies with a desire to give back to the community by matching meaningful programs with their unique resources and teams. We also provide fully vetted, targeted, sustainable and high-impact nonprofit giving programs to our ecosystem through global foundations like BBS. We encourage young people and our next generation to grow in these programs and to become contributing members of society and the world.

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