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Best UK Student Cities 2021 as voted by students


2.jpgWhat are the best student cities in the UK in 2021?

How can you tell the difference between the various student cities in the UK?

Aren’t they all the same?

We think the answer is “no”!

The best rated student city, according to over 6,000 students, has a rating of 4.62 out of 5 whereas the worst-rated city has a rating of 2.78, so there is a meaningful difference between how students rate their location.

So why not find out from the experts which cities in the UK top the chart for student experience in 2021?

To create this list, we analysed 6,048 reviews submitted by students on our platform over the last 24 months. StudentCrowd users review their location across 5 categories: living costs, eating out, nightlife, shopping and public transport.

The following list gives you the top 20 student cities in the UK and it’s the only list of its kind that is 100% based on student reviews alone, so you can benefit from the experiences of students who have gone before you. We only included locations with 20 or more reviews. (To see a list of all the locations, see our dynamic league table which summarises all our location reviews from all time and is updated constantly.)

Whether you’re an undergrad just dipping your toe into higher education, or shopping around for where to study for your postgrad degree, the list features the best location options for your university experience, according to students.

Where you live has a big impact on the rest of your student experience. If you are an international student coming to study in the United Kingdom, this is a great place to start your research on where you might enjoy living. 

So how do you decide what’s important to you when choosing your best-fit location for studying in the UK?

Of course, your choice depends on your unique personal preferences.

Apart from the categories covered in our reviews, other important things to consider are:

- how expensive your accommodation might be (we make this easy over on this page)

- how close (or far away!) you want to be from home

- whether you would prefer a rural or urban lifestyle or something in between

- how safe the area is

- whether there are things to do when you’re not studying (we have some handy guides in our location pages: use the links below)

- how big the student population is in that location

Something interesting to note: over half of these top 20 locations are in the north or midlands regions in England and the vast majority of them are large urban areas.

Working out what is important to you about the place where you live and study will help you sift through the large number of options available to find the location that really works for you.

So, without further ado, here are the Best Student Cities in the UK 2021, as voted by students.

Have you been living somewhere as a student? Take a moment to review your student city or town to share your own experience of living there.

#1 Newcastle upon Tyne

#2 Liverpool

#3 Nottingham

#4 Cardiff

#5 Sheffield

#6 Norwich

#7 Glasgow

#8 Manchester

#9 Birmingham

#10 Swansea

#11 Portsmouth

#12 Chester

#13 Bristol

#14 Plymouth

#15 Belfast

#16 Reading

#17 Preston

#18 Leeds

#19 Edinburgh

#20 Lincoln

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